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LAX500 Tournament Rules

Roster Notes:

• All players must have a completed waiver on file with Lincoln-Way Lacrosse Club/ LAX500 to participate in the tournament.
• Players are not allowed to double roster unless communicated with tournament director and approved before the tournament starts. Teams found in violation of this rule, their games will be disqualified and deemed a loss. In the event the team in violation loses, the final score will remain. In the event the team in violation wins, score will reflect a 5-0 loss for team in violation.
• Minis/ 8U athletes must be born after 8/31/2011
• Juniors/ 10U athletes must be born after 8/31/2009
• Minors/ 12U athletes must be born after 8/31/ 2007
• Majors/ 14U athletes must be born after 8/31/2005
• No 9th graders are allowed to play.

Game Rules:

• Juniors/10U and above: 10v10.
• Minis/8U: 7v7 *2 attack, 3 middies, 2 defenders, and 1 goalie
• No long poles allowed at Minis/U8 and Juniors/U10. 37” – 42” poles only

• Two, 20 minute halves with a two minute halftime. All games are running clock and will start and end on central horn under all circumstances. No Exceptions. Games will begin every 50 minutes to stay on schedule.
Central Horn:
• A central horn sound will start game, horn will signal the start of halftime, horn will signal start of second half, a double-horn will signal the two minute warning in the second half, and a long single long horn will end game
• One 45 second timeout per game. No timeouts last two minutes of games. If timeout is underway during two minute warning, the timeout is over and play resumes.
Penalty Time:
• All penalties are time and a half due to running clock. Penalty time is kept by score keeper. Penalty time stops during timeouts. Penalty time does not start until player takes knee in box and referee resumes play.

Pool Play:
• There is no OT in pool play games. Teams are awarded 5 points for W, 2 points for T, 0 points L. In playoff game, a four minute sudden victory will ensue if games ends in tie. Teams will have 30 seconds to line up for OT faceoff. If no goals have been scored in sudden victory OT, a 3v3 plus goalie braveheart will begin. There will be no substitutions or timeouts in braveheart, except in case of injury, team may substitute, including opposing team.
Tie Breakers in Pool Play:
1) Points
2) Head to Head (Only if there is a two way tie. Not applicable for three way ties)
3) Goals Allowed
4) Goal Differential
5) Goals Scored
o If three or more teams have the same point total, goals allowed will applied to
determine seeding.

• To start game, after each goal, to start halftime, and to start OT. If a team is down by more than seven goals, that team starts with possession after each goal scored until differential is less than seven.
Goalie Crease Time:
• Minis/U8 & Juniors/U10: 10 seconds
• Minors/U12 & Majors/U14: NFHS
• Minis/U8 & Juniors/U10: No counts
• Minors/U12 & Majors/U14: NFHS
Body Checks and One Hand Checks:
• Minis/U8 & Juniors/U10: No body checking or hand checks
• Minors/U12 & Majors/U14: NFHS
Over and Back:
• Minis/U8 & Juniors/U10: Not enforced
• Minors/U12 & Majors/U14: Enforced

Conduct Policy:

• Only head coaches can address officials.

• Head coaches are responsible for their players, parents, and fans.

• Lincoln-Way Lacrosse Club/ LAX 500 has the right to request the removal any coach, player, or fan from the tournament. The City of Joliet Police Department will be called upon to handle such matters.

• Poor sportsmanship, taunting, fighting or unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.

• Please instruct your parents not to come to the event HQ. Only coaches and directors should approach the HQ tent for problems or issues.

Weather Policy:
• Lincoln-Way Lacrosse Club/ LAX 500 has the right to shorten games, finalize games due to future weather, reschedule games, and finish games before inclement weather arrives.
• Every attempt will be made to update cancellations on the Tourney Machine website.
• However, weather conditions can change rapidly and all teams should be prepared to play as soon as weather clears and fields are playable.
• If thunder or lightning is observed at any location, a horn will sound from Complex HQ and play will be suspended immediately.
• Players and fans will be required to leave the field. Play will be allowed to resume 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or sight of lightning is observed, 3 short horns will sound to resume play.
• Once the first whistle has begun there will be no refunds for lost games that result from the weather. Once the first game of the tournament has begun (first whistle rule) no refunds of any kind will be issued.


Weather Cancellation Policy Is As Follows:

Safety is our first priority during the tournament. We will work hard to make sure that all games are played so long as we can maintain that objective. We will play in the rain as long as there is no thunder or visible lightning. In the event of thunder or lightning we will halt all games in process by sounding a long horn from our HQ tent. Games will resume a minimum of 30 minutes from the last observation of thunder or lightning. Once the weather passes we will sound three short horns from our HQ tent to resume games. Weather conditions can change rapidly and all teams should be prepared to play as soon as the inclement weather clears and fields are playable. If a game is terminated due to weather during the second period, the game will be considered complete and the score at that time will be used to determine the winner. If necessary, we will shorten game times to catch up on our schedule and/or move to a festival style event with no playoffs. The tournament staff has final say regarding any cancellation or change in the schedule to accommodate adverse weather. Notices regarding cancellation or schedule changes will be immediately posted on the tournament website and email notification will be sent to each head coach or team admin. It is the coaches or team admins responsibility to check the website and to ensure that we have a valid email address. We will also send text messages if you enable this choice on your registration. The safest place for all participants during thunderstorm conditions is in your vehicle. Please vacate the premises and do not use portable tents or shelters as they will not protect you from lightning strikes.